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21 Feb : 03:53

20 Feb : 23:01
happy b/day Wayno have a mint day bro

20 Feb : 20:49
Have a great day mate....

20 Feb : 20:28
Happy birthday Wayno

20 Feb : 19:52
Happy Birthday Wayno!

20 Feb : 16:34
Happy bday Wayno.

15 Feb : 13:17
50% Off!!!!!

14 Feb : 00:56
:( Life getting in the way of racing

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13 Feb : 02:20
Sorry forgot to mention track will be Portimao....!

11 Feb : 08:11
Wednesday Night V8's!
3 x 20min races....

07 Feb : 18:36
Woo! Internet!

06 Feb : 20:29
Fairly certain its on static green track at the minute

06 Feb : 17:44
Just wondering if V8 server is still static or progressive at the moment.

05 Feb : 01:03
xfactor has round 4 of the Aussie Legends @ Morgan Park... Tonight

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Fri Oct 04 2013, 09:55PM
Outlaws Racing

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The following rules, MUST BE OBSERVED to have fun. We race in the virtual world, and have additional problems to

real world motorsports, these rules try to account for the possibilities.

Clean racing is the main point to these rules. Again Clean racing is the main point to these rules.

First thing, you must have minimum 1500/ADSL broadband.



Qualifying If you go over the Boundry line marking the edge of the track in qualifying / Will incur a 5 grid penalty in the next race.

Blue Flags holding up a faster car that is a lap up on you for more then a lap / Will incur a drive thru penalty in the next race (This must be served between 10% - 80% of next race) If this penalty is not adhered to then the following race you will have to start from pit lane.

Killing a drivers car / start from the back of the grid next race (causing an accident and said driver can no longer finish the race)

Wrecking a driver race on lap 1 / start from the back of the grid next race (causing an accident and said driver looses more then 5 positions)

Unsportsmanlike Driving / -6 positions in points ( Blocking and or Running someone off the track or into a wall, hitting someone more then 3 times over 2 laps)

No redress / -6 positions in points ( Turning someone around or passing with illegal move and not giving them back there position)

Unsafe rejoin / -2 positions in points ( Moving back on to the race track and not giving way to on coming racers)

Not leaving racing room / -2 positions in points (running from the inside to the outside of a corner cursing a car to brake or run of the track, same thing goes for outside to inside, in a chicane this applies to both corners.)

Pit Infringement / -1 positions in points ( After entering the pit you then cross over the line marking the pit entrance or exit lines, making contact with another car in the pits, failed to give way to car in pit lane when leaving your pit box.)

Cutting of the track / -1 position in points ( Cutting the inside of a corner with all four wheels on the other side of the ripple strip)

Track Infringement / every 4th time -1 position in points ( Have all four wheels over the line that mark the edge of the track)

Burnout Infringement / -2 positions in points ( From Quali onwards any burnouts or ramming other cars is a no no, it causes frame rate loss)

Flashing Headlights Infringement / -2 positions in points ( This is disrespectful to other driver who have the same rights to be on the track as you)

Outburst on teamspeak in race / -100 points ( this is disruptive to other drivers and shows you have no respect for your fellow racers)

Anyone using offending words in their "Teamspeak leave message" thats is disrespectful to others will be temporally banned until they change it. If they leave their message there or refuse to change it after a warning will result in a full ban - Respect for your fellow racers



1. No excessive swearing

2. No outbursts. If you have something that is antisocial to say, ask the person you want to be antisocial with too one of the other channels



1(A). Pass with care. If you aren't sure you can pull off a move to pass an opponent, then don't do it. Take your time
to work out where to make the move. If you are passing someone on the inside of a corner you must have
your car at least 1/2 way along side the other car (B pillar) before the car you are passing starts to turn in, to have
the right to half the road in the corner, you must hold that inside line on the exit, you can not run the car to the outside of the track.
If you are passing someone on the outside of a corner you must have your car at least 2/3 along side the other car (A pillar)
before the car you are passing starts to turn in, to have the right to half the road in the corner, you must hold that
outside line on the exit, you can not turn in on the inside car on the exit. If you do not get this done you must pull back behind
the lead car. If you see an opening in the corner, you can then make a pass. But if you make contact you will have to pull back behind
the car for you did not get your car up to the (B pillar) before the corner.

1(B). When a driver gets up to the (B pillar) before the other driver starts to turn into a chicane, said driver has to leave racing room in both corners
whether the driver falls back behind the (B pillar) in the middle part of the chicane or not.

2. If you attempt to pass another driver and tag them during your pass, gaining an advantage, allow them to regain
the position, even if it means you lose positions to drivers not involved in the incident. Basically, if you botch
up a pass, you may pay a bigger penalty.

3. Defensive driving. Swerving on straights to stop or to brake the slipstream is allowed, but swerving on straights to stop
or block another driver from passing is not allowed, a position change to ensure and protect your line for the corner is fine.
You may move once to defend your position. EG - on a straight approaching a right hand corner, you are allowed to move to
the right hand side of the track to defend the inside line for the upcoming corner, you are now committed to that line
into the corner, you are not permitted to move back onto the racing line.

4. Look. Use your look left/right abilities to narrow down the blind spots, also understand where your blind spots
are in the car you are diving, remember vision is very limited in the virtual cockpit.

5. Take care re-entering the track. Whether it be from pit lane or the sand pit, it is the responsibility of the car
that is re-entering the track boundary to avoid collision.

6. Blue flag. If you get blue flagged, it means that a car that is leading is behind you (you are being lapped). Ensure you give him the racing
line and allow an uncontested pass as soon as is practical. This doesn't mean you must leave the track boundary. You have 1 lap to clear the blue flag.

7. Yellow flag. If you get shown this, there is an incident ahead. Do not try a passing move under yellow. Take
extra caution until the area is clear.

8. Deliberate Corner Cutting: Deliberate Corner cutting will not be tolerated.

9. Don't try and win the race on turn 1. This doesn't work and it causes more problems than the pass is worth. Take
extreme care in the first corner.

10. Escaping to the pits. If you are stuck in a sand trap, have un-drivable damage, are caught with no reverse gear
or any like circumstance where your car is stranded, it is recommended to press your "ESC" key and exit back to the
pits, ensuring the track is clear for cars that are approaching you.
In game chat: You may use in game chat if you need to. TRY NOT TO IN RACE. Do not post any messages that may offend others.

11. Pit stops. Do not cross over any blend lines on the way in and out of the pits, all four wheels must remain between the lines.
When entering pit entry make sure you have 2 wheels in the lines marking the pit entry.
When driving in pit lane you have right of way, cars stationary in their pitbox must give way to moving cars.
When exiting pit exit make sure you have 2 wheels in the lines marking pit exit lane.
**NB - Due to some track configurations amendments to these rules may need to be made, drivers will be notified of these changes in the drivers briefing during warmup.**




If you take revenge on anyone who you think has done you wrong can result in instant

If you have a problem with anyone contact an admin and submit a replay.


1, When coming to a corner you must be at least half way or equal to the car beside you before the car you are passing
starts to turn in to contest the corner, if you have not made it to the B pillar by the time the front car starts to turn, the
car behind must give the racing line to the car in front, both drivers must hold their lines.
(inside car must hold the inside line and outside car must hold the outside line, if the driver on the inside pushes the outside
driver out he must give back the position and if the outside driver turns in on the inside driver he must give back the position)

2, Dive bombing is not allowed, this is when you try to out brake the driver in front when you are not up to the front cars (B) pillar
taking away the racing line from them in the apex.

3. Hitting the back of some one to push them off the race line to make a pass. Is unsportsmanlike driving, you have 1 lap to give the position back.

4, If the driver in front is a new or slower driver it is up to the driver behind to be aware of this and act

5, Blocking is not allowed, you must move once to the line you want to hold, either inside or outside lines.

6, FOR FASTER DRIVERS, If you choose to start from the back the rules above must be adhered to, using the cars
in front as passing fodder and barging through will not be tollerated


1, At least 2 wheels on the track, the edge of the track is marked with a line. If all four wheels go over
that line, that is deemed a track infringement, if four wheels are over the ripple strip this is a cut.

2, If you do accidently lose control and cut a corner you must slow down sufficiently so as not to get a cheat time,
more than twice will be concidered cutting.

3, If in race only, you have been shunted from behind which causes you to miss the corner you are allowed to
continue to regain your position.


Burnouts will not be tollerated, particualy on the grid and especially in the pits, after the race is not OK either is
ramming other car

Remember this is about having "RESPECT" for other
drivers and the
"Outlaws Racing Servers" and not about
winning at all cost


Hope this clears things up a bit, if there are any circumstances we may have missed please let us know.

[ Edited Wed Sep 13 2017, 08:58AM ]
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